Textile Oils(Antistatic Coning Oils)

We supply antistatic coning oils for texturing synthetic yarn such as viscose, acetate rayon, nylon and polyester. We can supply oils of different viscosities ranging from 70 to 160 SUS at 37oC depending on the buyer's requirements. Advantages of Antistatic Coning Oil: It has antistatic activity and excellent pick-up quality, as high as 3% to 5% on wt. of yarn. Antistatic coning oil gives a considerable reduction in chemical Splashing in high speed machines, thus reducing chemical wastage and chemical cost. Antistatic coning oil is highly effective in improving antistatic properties reduces the concomitant friction. 
Our antistatic coning oil has very good colour stability and when cones of yarn are stored for a long period of time, the original colour is maintained.

Antistatic Coninng Oils




Clear white to pale yellow liquid


1 max

Viscosity @ 37°C

70 - 160 SUS ± 5

Specific Gravity

0.87 - 0.89

Flash Point

160 °C

Moisture Content

2% max




Stable at 200°C